Once logged into Learning Space you will be presented with the My Modules page where you will see the modules assigned to your account. 

To access 'non-taught' content (eg. technical resources) you can search Learning Space using the search modules search box.

You can also browse Learning Space using the department structure if you prefer. 

You might be given the following prompt if it’s the first time you have visited an area. 

This is a one time subscription request and will be saved against your “My Modules”. By subscribing to a module/course page you may receive related email notifications and updates.

You can view the modules/course pages that you are subscribed to by visiting the front page of Learning Space or clicking My Modules.

You are also able to unsubscribe from certain module/course pages. You might want to do this because you no longer have a need to access them, but are still receiving email updates. Please note that you are not able to unsubscribe from core course modules.   

To unsubscribe from a Learning Space area you will need to navigate to the relevant page. Module/award pages you are able to unsubscribe from will feature an 'Unsubscribe me' button on the right side of the main page content.

When clicking “Unsubscribe me” you will be presented with the following message.

Selecting “Continue” will unsubscribe you from the module/course page, and remove this area from your “My Modules". Unsubscribing does not permanently block you from a particular area, and you are able to re-subscribe to areas you have previously unsubscribed from. 

You have now successfully been able to view, subscribe and unsubscribe from “My Modules”.

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