Several types of booking activities are supported through the Learning Space. Scheduler bookings are most commonly used for one on one or group sessions with a tutor. Booking areas on the Learning Space can be identified by the following icon.

The “Scheduler” option can be found in the “Add an activity...” drop down menu.

You will then be presented with a screen that features several options. You will first need to give your booking a name, this is how the booking will appear to students. In this example the name “Test Scheduler Booking” has been given. 

The box below is the description field. The text inputted in this box is visible to students once they have clicked on the tutorial link. For example the description could contain more information for what you would like individuals to bring along to the session, or more information about the location of the tutorial.

Under the description field there are several other options. The first option requires a Role name of the staff member.  

This is the role term for the individual who is conducting tutorial. In the example the term Lecturer has been used. 

The next field in the option area is Mode, as the administrator of the booking you can decide if you would like students to book only one slot in total, or one slot at a time, as shown below. From here you are also able to set the amount of slots students are able to book, choosing Unlimited gives the most flexibility to your students. 

The only other two options in this section which may need possible amendment is the Default slot duration option and the Notification option. 

The Default slot duration is the amount of minutes the tutorial slots last. If you wished each tutorial slot to last half an hour you would enter 30 in this box.

The Notification option allows you to enable or disable email notifications for students when making bookings. If set to "no", no message will be sent when moving, removing or adding an appointment.

Finally a new step available as part of the upgrade project coming in September is a booking form feature. Here you're able to add an additional step your students need to complete before completing their booking. You can use the settings to specify that a file submission or text is required before the booking is made, perhaps to submit a essay proposal to discuss as part of your meeting. Be default this feature is disabled, to enable set Yes in the Use booking form setting and adjust required fields. 

To save the options you have selected click the Save and return to course button found at the bottom of the page. This will take you back to the course page, where you should now see the tutorial booking icon.

You have now created the tutorial booking, the next step is to create the appointment slots which are available for students to book. 

To do this you will need to click on your created tutorial booking, in this example the booking is titled Test Scheduler Booking

You will then be taken to the following screen where you are able to add time slots to your tutorial booking. To add a slot/slots click on the relevant button. In this example Add repeated slots has been selected.

The first part of this page focuses on when you'd like the appointments created. In this example a booking will be created on every Tuesday between 4th September 2018 to 20th September 2018 from 10:00 until 11:00

The next settings asks if you'd like the booking broken into slots, and how long you'd like the slots to be. In this instance the hour long booking will be broken down into 15 minute slots with only one student allowed to book per slot. If you'd like multiple students to book into slots amend the Maximum number of students per slot setting. 

Finally you'll need to add a location for the booking, and assign a member of staff to attend. By default slots will be displayed immediately and email reminders won't be sent to students once they've booked, you can amend these settings if required. 

Clicking Save changes will create the slots within your scheduler booking.