If you find you are receiving unwanted emails from other modules or forums you are able to remove yourself from these areas. NB: You cannot remove yourself from modules that need to be taken as part of your course. 

The option to unsubscribe from a module can be found by visiting that particular area. Underneath the Settings section for that particular module should be an option for you to unsubscribe. Clicking unsubscribe will stop notifications from a module. 

Unsubscribing from a forum depends on whether the forum creator has allowed the subscriptions to be optional. Some forums will force individuals to be subscribed. Forums with optional subscription will allow you to subscribe and unsubscribe, if you wish to unsubscribe there is an option button within the forum.

If you’re still receiving unwanted emails after unsubscribing from these areas please get in touch with Educational Technology - etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk

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