To change your personal profile on Learning Space you will first need to sign in using your Falmouth University username and password. 

Once you have successfully logged in you will be presented with your my modules page, your name will now appear at the top right of the page. Clicking on your name will present you with a list of options, one of which is My Profile.

To amend or add any details to your profile select the edit profile button.

The next sections in the profile settings page relate to email and forum options.

From here you are also able to choose how you receive email notifications from Learning Space for your subscribed forums. There are three options to choose from:

No Digest - Means you will receive a new email for each individual forum post in your subscribed forum.

Complete - Means you will receive one daily e-mail which includes all new FULL forum posts for that day.

Subjects - Means you will receive one daily e-mail which includes only the SUBJECTS of new forum posts for that day.

The forum auto-subscribe ensures you are automatically subscribed to forums where you have posted a message. You will receive mail messages from these forums either in reply to your message, or when new threads have been created.

By default forum tracking is set to no. Should this option be set to yes, a column titled unread posts would appear in your subscribed forums indicating how many posts hadn’t been read.

From this area you can also add a picture to your Learning Space profile. To do this, simply drag and drop a photo image in to the upload area before you update your profile:

Your profile picture will be displayed at the top of the page and in any Learning Space activities that you take part in.

 You may also wish to add a mobile number to your profile. This number isn’t visible to any other students, however the staff on your enrolled courses are able to use your number with a texting service available through Learning Space.

StudentSMS allows lecturers to send messages to students on enrolled modules, this could be to alert users to a room change or if a lecture has been cancelled. Please note not all module and course leaders use StudentSMS.

The mobile field and others in this section are optional, only enter information you are happy to share.

Finally click the update profile button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. After you have saved your profile click on Learning Space text at the top to return to the main page.