Learning Space gives you the option to download submissions individually and in bulk, should you wish to feedback/mark offline.

To download submissions, first click on the assignment to open the grading summary window.

Bulk download

From the summary window you are able to select Download all submissions

This will download a .zip file of all submitted files in the format they were submitted. You should then be able to open the zip file by clicking on it. For any issues with opening the .zip contact IT Support on servicedesk@fxplus.ac.uk.

 It is not possible to download more than 2Gb of data via learning space.  To do this, you will need a third party tool Contact Educational Technology if you have any concerns.

Individual Download

From the summary window click View/grade all submissions

Select the student whose submission you wish to download and scroll to the right

Click on the file submission.

This will download the individual file in the format it was submitted.

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