This guide covers how to use Turnitin to upload your assignment, if you need help locating your assignment submission point please contact your module leader. 


What is a Turnitin assignment?

A Turnitin assignment is an electronic submission method that is used for individuals to submit digital copies of their work. Turnitin can also be used as a text matching tool for students and staff to assess whether work has been correctly referenced and cited. Turnitin assignment upload areas on Learning Space can be identified by the following icon.

File requirements / limitations

Turnitin only accepts file sizes up to 40mb and the Educational Technology team recommends that you submit this file as a PDF. 

Turnitin will not accept the following to generate Similarity Reports:

  • Password protected files

  • Microsoft® Works (.wps) files

  • Microsoft Word 2007 macros-enabled .docm files

  • OpenOffice Text (.odt) files created and downloaded from Google Docs online

  • Document (.doc) files created using OpenOffice, as they are not 100% Microsoft Word equivalent

  • Apple Pages

  • Spreadsheets created outside of Microsoft Excel (i.e. .ods)

  • Text with visual effects

Submitting a Turnitin assignment

To upload your assignment click on the Turnitin link on your module page, in this example the assignment has been given the name “Turnitin Assignment”. You will then be presented with a screen which looks similar to the one below:

This screen displays some further information about the assignment. At the top of the page there is a summary area for some descriptive text relating to the assignment. The next area on this page contains a table which features several dates. The two dates relevant to your submission are; “Start date” and “Due date”. Electronic submissions via Turnitin will be possible between these two dates.

Once you have read the additional assignment information click the “Submit Paper” button.

The next step is to give the assignment document a name. Once you are happy with these details the next step is to choose the document you wish to submit, to do this either select the add file button which will allow you to search your computer, or external drive for the required document. Or drag and drop your file into the file area. You will also need to tick the required checkbox confirming the submission is your own work.

Once you are happy with the chosen document click “Add Submission”.

Clicking “Add Submission” completes the process, a successful submission will generate a paper ID, this ID will be emailed to your institutional email account and acts as a digital receipt, so keep it safe!

You have now successfully uploaded an assignment through Turnitin!

What is the Similarity Report?

Upon submitting coursework to a Turnitin activity, it is possible that your instructor may have the Similarity Report functionality enabled. Turnitin compares submissions against billions of documents, from web data, papers, journals and other publications to check originality - this information is compiled into a report called the Similarity Report. Turnitin have more information about the Similarity report which can be found here.

Video guide

Further Support

For assignment specific questions your first point of call should be your module leader - for any technical issues please contact the Educational Technology team etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.

Please report any issues with this guide to etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.