This article provides general guidance on setting up a Turnitin assignment on Learning Space


Assessment Requirements

Please note that you will normally need to set up two Turnitin submission links per assignment.

  • The first is for the submissions expected on the standard deadline This will collect the assignments submitted on time, those submitted after the due date from students who have an agreed extension, and those unauthorised late submissions.
  • A second submission point also needs creating for end-of-year resubmissions. This is to collect any assignments from students who are allowed to resit the assignment (students with extenuating circumstances, for example).

All summative assessment submission links need to be created within the Assessment section of the module page. 

Setting up the submission link

Go to the Assessment section on the module page (ensuring that you have turned editing on) and click the button 'Add an activity or resource'. Choose 'Turnitin' from the list, and you will see the following:

Under the General heading, give the assignment a name. Please ensure that you name the assignment with the title that corresponds with the title of the assignment on the student record system. Avoid a non-specific name such as "Upload your work here".

If you would like to include any information related to the assessment or instructions for your students to follow then enter them into the Summary text box, and tick the box to 'Display description on page' to ensure that it is shown to the students.

Submission Type
File Upload
Number of Parts

NB You may require multiple files per assignment. If this is the case specify the number of files by choosing the same number of parts.
Maximum File Size
Site upload limit (40MB)
Allow submission of any file type?
Display Originality Reports to Students
Grade Display
Show grades as Fraction (e.g. 89/100)
Auto Refresh Grades / Scores
Yes, automatically refresh originality scores and grades

Under the Grade heading

Type: Point
Scale: leave on default
Maximum grade: 100
Grade category
Grade to pass
Leave blank

Under the Assignment Part 1 heading

Part 1
Start Date
Specify the date on which you would the students to be able to submit from
Due Date
Specify the deadline that matches with the official record on the student record system
Post Date
This is the date that feedback and grades (if used) are released to students. Normally this is three working weeks from the deadline.
Max Marks

Originality Report Options

Allow submissions after the due date
Yes (for standard submission deadlines)
No (for end of year resubmissions)
Store Student Papers
Standard Respository
Report Generation Speed
Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until the due date) After 3 submissions reports generate after 24 hours.
Check against stored student papers
Check against internet
Check against journals, periodicals and publications
Exclude Bibliography
Exclude Quoted Material
Exclude small matches
Leave blank

Under the GradeMark Options heading

Attach a rubric to this assignment: 'No rubric'

If you would like to use rubrics for your assessment please get in touch as there are different ways of organising this if the same rubric is to be used across different modules.

Adjust any of the comment settings if required and click on 'Save and return to module'.

Further Support

Please contact the Educational Technology team etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk for any further support.


Please report any issues with this guide to etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.