This guidance will give you an overview of the different assessment tools available on Learning Space, this excludes the Assignment and Turnitin activities.


Using the Learning Space as an assessment tool

The Learning Space offers a range of activities that can be used in multiple ways. By using online methods of assessment, feedback can be provided quicker - sometimes instantaneous as well as being accessible from anywhere. Engagement can be increased by encouraging discussion and collaboration between students.

Testing knowledge

Staff often want to test a students knowledge as they progress through a module to ensure they understand the content delivered. Learning Space offers a range of activities that can be used to test as well as capture students understanding.

  • Quizzes: Staff can deliver quizzes made up of multiple choice, long answer and short text questions. Feedback can be provided instantly and settings can be adjusted to allow student to reattempt.
  • Choices: A single question with a specific selection of answers. Choices can be useful for assessing knowledge at the beginning of a lecture or workshop.
  • Questionnaire: Staff can assess the knowledge of a cohort by gathering answers from a questionnaire.

Collaborative Content

Learning Space is an excellent tool for gathering student generated content in the form of contributions to a glossary, database or wiki. This is a great way to build a bank of content around a particular topic that all students will find useful, for example a collection of authors, Youtube tutorials or previous work.

  • Glossary: A simple word and definition activity which allows students to submit their own entries around a particular topic. Staff can review a students entry to assess their understanding.
  • Database: A database offers greater flexibility in comparison to a glossary in terms of what entries a user can submit. Databases are customisable allowing staff to tailor them to suit their needs.
  • Wiki: Similar to Wikipedia, a wiki allows students to submit and maintain pages of information on a particular subject.

Peer assessment

Sometimes staff ask students to review the work of others and Learning Space offers useful tools that simply facilitate this.

  • Workshop: Learning Space's peer assessment tool, staff are able to allow students to upload a piece of work and then assign manually or randomly 
  • Forum: The forum activity facilitates discussion between students and can be also be used as a method of tracking and recording progress and challenges throughout the module.

Further support

For further support with Learning Space, get in touch with the team at etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.

Please report any issues with this guide to etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.