This guide explains how to create and use the Chat activity.


What is the Chat activity?

The Chat feature within Learning Space allows individuals to have synchronous discussions in real time. An area which facilitates a chat discussion can be identified by an outlined speech bubble icon, as shown below:

Creating the Chat activity

Navigate to the module / course page that you want to add the Chat activity to and ensure that you have editing enabled by clicking the "Turn editing on" button.

Scroll down to the section on the page that you want to add the activity to and select 'Add an activity or resource' from the bottom right of that section.

From the pop-up window select 'Chat' and click 'Add'.

Next you will need to provide a name for the Chat and a description, the latter could be used to explain how chat works or when the next Chat is taking place.

You may also want to toggle some of the settings found within the 'Chat sessions' dropdown menu.

A Chat activity has successfully been created.

The student experience

Please refer to the student guide found here for information about how students and staff use the chat activity.

Further support

For any further guidance please contact the Educational Technology team etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.

Please report any issues with this guide to etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.