This article will help you add a navigation menu to your Journal allowing users to access different parts of your Journal.


What is a Navigation Menu?

A navigation menu helps users switch between pages on your Journal, for example, you might have an ‘About’ page that you want users to navigate to. 

Exclamation mark iconImportant: A menu will help you to navigate between Pages and not Posts, these are different.

Adding A Page To The Menu

Before you begin...

  • Beware that all Journal themes behave differently. Creating a menu in your Journal theme may not be identical to the process outlined below.
  • Make sure you that you have created at least two pages that you wish to display in your menu.

Once you have everything you need:

  1. Start by visiting your Journal and then clicking 'Customise' in the top navigation bar.
    A screenshot of the Journal navigation menu featuring 'My Sites', 'Site Name' and 'Customise'
  2. From the menu on the left, click 'Menus'. If you do not see 'Menus' then, unfortunately, your theme will not be compatible with this guide.
    A screenshot of the Journal customisation menu with the Menus option highlighted
  3. Next, click 'Create New Menu' and provide your menu with a name e.g. 'My Journal's Menu'.
    A screenshot of the Menus customisation menu including the 'Create New Menu' button
  4. Then, choose which pages you want to appear in your menu by clicking on the plus icon next to the page name.
    A screenshot of the Menu Editor highlighting the positioning of the '+' icons used to add pages to a menu
  5. Note that you may also be able to change the 'Display Location' of the menu.
    A screenshot of the Menu Locations options; Primary Menu and Social
  6. Once you're happy, click 'Publish'.
    A screenshot of the publish button

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