This article will help you add images and videos to your posts from Instagram and Youtube, instructions for other services will be similar and can usually be found by doing a quick Google search.


Video Guide

Why Embed Content from another Website?

Any image or video you upload to Journal can only be up to 50mb in size. It is, therefore, worthwhile considering hosting your content on another 3rd party website such as Instagram or Youtube.

Note iconNote: When you upload content to a 3rd party website, be sure to review information such as ownership of copyright.

Exclamation mark iconImportant: Please be aware that if the website you're hosting content on goes offline, the content will also not display on your Journal.

Embedding Content From Instagram, Youtube, etc...

  1. Find the content that you want to embed on your website e.g. a video on Youtube or a image on Instagram.

  2. Then, copy the URL of that image/video.
    A screenshot of a Youtube tab with the URL highlighted
  3. Then, simply paste that URL into a post or page on your Journal site. You'll notice that the image/video will load automatically.

    A screenshot of a video embedded into a Journal post in edit mode.

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