This article explains what a Wiki activity is and how to use it.


What is a Wiki?

Wikis are predominantly used for collaborative work. Users can collectively create and modify an online web document together from inside Learning Space. A Wiki can be identified by the interwoven square icon.

Wiki Activity icon

Contributing to a Wiki

To view the Wiki click on the Wiki title on the right hand side of the wiki icon.

Example Wiki welcome screen

When you enter a Wiki you will be presented with a description of the activity and the Wiki navigation. Links are shown in blue on the left side of the screen allow you to navigate to additional pages. Our example Wiki from the 'Pattern Cutting Tutorials' features an entry on pattern cutting, demonstrating how to measure and cut a back panel. By clicking on the 'Back Panel' link the associated page will open.

An example of a Wiki from Pattern Cutting Tutorials

Editing a Wiki

You can add, edit or amend any Wiki entry you have access to. Underneath the Search Wiki section are a number of tabs.

Selecting the Edit tab will allow you to amend the current page.

Editing a Wiki dialogue box

From there you can use the text editor to add additional content to the relevant wiki page.

To create additional pages which you can link to from this text, you will first need to identify the required area for linking. This is done by placing a pair of square brackets [[ ]] around the desired word/s or phrase. For example, if you wanted to create a page on 'More Help' you would need to identify this word within the original text.

Editing a Wiki text editor interface

Once you are happy with the text click Save.

Editing a Wiki text editor showing the newly added 'More Help' link

Clicking Save returns you to the Wiki page. The selected word cumulus is now displayed in red. This indicates that a new page has been created which needs editing. Clicking the text will ask you to Create the new page and then take you to the edit screen for this new page.

New page dialogue box for creating a new Wiki entryEditing a Wiki text editor interface

Make your changes and Click Save to return to the Wiki. When making changes and amendments within wikis you are able to edit any page, not just the ones you have created. You have now contributed to a wiki.

Question mark iconFurther Support

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