This guidance provides information on how to set up an Assignment on Learning Space



Learning Space supports assignment uploads for submitting pieces of work electronically. There are two types of assignment upload; Single upload and a Turnitin assignment upload. For more information on Turnitin assignments please see the guide titled: Setting up a Turnitin assignment.

When considering electronic submission it is important to first discuss your requirements with Student Programmes & Achievement, who will be able to guide you in selecting and implementing the appropriate method(s) of assessment. 

You should also consider whether students and staff have sufficient skills, guidance and appropriate technology to enable them to submit electronically. For example, it is recommended that any assignment uploads between 20Mb-1Gb are uploaded on campus.

Contact Educational Technology if you have any concerns.

Setting up an Assignment

The Assignment option can be found using the Add an activity or resource button within any section on a module page.

From here you are able to add some more information relating to the assignment. You are required to give the assignment a name and a description.

Specifying dates

From this section you are also able to assign Allow submissions from date and Due date. You are also able to assign an optional Cut off date; the cut off date allows submissions to be accepted until this time but any submissions will be marked as late if uploaded after the Due date but before the Cut off date. These are optional settings, if not required these dates can be disabled by clicking the relevant tick box.

Submission details

The next section of this form allows you to define the submission. By default submissions are set as 1 file upload but from here this can be altered. Additionally the submission size can be altered from this area. 

By default there is an option to leave feedback files or comments, this can be amended in the Feedback types option. 

In general Submission settings, Group submission settings, Grade, Common module settings and Restrict access are left with their default settings, if you wish to change any of them please get in touch with Educational Technology to discuss your requirements: etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.


You may wish to amend the notifications that are sent out to staff and students in relation to the assignment. The notification settings can be found under the Notifications settings area. 

By default staff will not receive notifications and students will.    

Once you are happy with the settings click “Save and return to course”. 

Further Support

For any further guidance please contact the Educational Technology team etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.

Please report any issues with this guide to etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.