This article offers guidance for providing students with feedback using Turnitin.


Accessing the Feedback Studio

Once your students have submitted their work through a Turnitin assignment you will be able to view and provide feedback to them through the Feedback Studio.

Feedback Studio is accessible through the assignment inbox, and by clicking on a the grade icon. 

Navigating papers

Follow this guidance to Navigation in Feedback Studio. This explains how to switch between papers, using layers, and using the toolbar.

Feedback features

Feedback studio has many features: 

Similarity checking analyses text and reports matches with web sites, publications, books, and journals. 

You are able to annotate the student's paper using a variety of commenting features.

You are able to creates 'sets' of comments that you can re-use and personalise.

Feedback studio can allow you to feedback on student's work when there is no online submission attached (eg. a performance, or a sculpture)

Rubric scorecards help to evaluate student work, based on defined, multi-level criteria. There are options to create rubrics which will allow you to grade work; please DO NOT use these, only use the Qualitative rubrics.

Grading Forms are similar to rubrics, however they do not have such defined criteria. You are able to define one level of criteria in a grading form, rather than the multiple levels in a rubric. You are able to assign marks to each criteria which will create a total that is applied to the grade of the paper.

Multiple Markers introduces the ability for users to allow multiple instructors to mark an assignment.

Releasing feedback to students

Feedback is automatically released to students on the 'Post date' this is specified when you set up the assignment, and editable at the top of the assignment inbox by clicking the pencil icon next to the post date:

Press Enter on your keyboard to save your changes when editing any information here.

Students can access their feedback by clicking the same link they used to submit their work.

Further support

For any further guidance please contact the Educational Technology team etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.

Please report any issues with this guide to etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.