This article explains what a Wiki activity is and how to use it.


What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a web-based collaborative platform that enables users to store, create and modify content in an organised manner. The Learning Space wiki activity allows staff and students to add and edit a collection of web pages. 

A wiki can be collaborative, with everyone being able to edit it, or individual, where everyone has their own wiki which only they can edit. A history of previous versions of each page in the wiki is kept, listing the edits made by each participant.

Wiki Activity icon

An individual Wiki

You may be asked to work on your own individual wiki, one that only you and your tutor (or other academic staff) can view and contribute to. 

To view the Wiki click on the Wiki title on the right hand side of the wiki icon.

If the Wiki is set to individual mode you may need to create the first page before you can start to add content. Your tutor will already have given this page a name, that you cannot change.

To add extra pages click 'Create page', then add as many pages as you need by typing the name of your new pages inside double brackets, for example [[New Page 1]] [[New Page 2]] etc. (see screenshot below) 

You can preview it by clicking the "preview" button towards the bottom of the screen.

Press the "save" button.

Clicking Save returns you to the Wiki page. You will see the words you enclosed in double brackets now displayed in red italics - this indicates that a new page has been created which needs editing (bottom image in screenshot above) 

Clicking on one of these titles will take you to an editing page where you can create  the page in the same way you create the first page. 

A page once created no longer has italics.

Editing a Wiki

Now you have your pages you can add, edit or amend any Wiki entry you have access to.

Navigate to the page you want to edit and click on the 'view' drop down menu. From here you are presented with a menu (see screenshot below). Select 'edit' to add content.

From there you can use the text editor to add additional content to the relevant wiki page. You can find additional guidance on "Using the text editor" on the Solutions page, here.

Make your changes and Click Save to return to the Wiki. When making changes and amendments within wikis you are able to edit any page, not just the ones you have created. You have now contributed to a wiki.

A Collaborative Wiki

The difference between a collaborative wiki and individual is that the first page will already have been created for you by your tutor and the content/additional pages you create will be viewable by other students enrolled in the course.

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