This guidance gives you an overview of the way that student's are managed on Learning Space, how you can manage groups and test how things look as a student.


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How are students assigned to their modules?

Students subscriptions on Learning Space are controlled by their enrolments on the student record system. Once a student is enrolled onto the module on SITs (the student record system), they will be subscribed to that occurrence of that module on Learning Space.

How do I manage groups, and why would I use them?

There are many reasons to use groups within your modules on Learning Space. Many of the activities can be used with groups to facilitate collaborative tasks. Once the groups exist, you can set most activities to use them so that the groups within the module are able to have a closed space to discuss and work on their projects.

For more information on setting up and using groups see the Groups guidance.

How do I view the module as a student?

As a member of staff on a module on Learning Space you have the ability to view the module as a student would see it. You can therefore get a good idea of how the student will navigate, and if they will see the relevant information in a timely and consistent way. From any page on Learning Space, you will always see your profile picture in the top right hand corner. 

To view any page as a student:

1. Click on your profile picture.

2. Select 'Switch role to...'

3. Finally select 'Student'.

Student role view status bar in Learning Space

4. You will then see the message 'Currently viewing as the following role: Student' under your name in the middle of the page and you can navigate around Learning Space as a student.

To return to your normal role, click your profile picture again, and select 'Return to my normal role'.

What do I do if one of my students doesn't have access to a module?

As mentioned above student subscriptions to Learning Space modules are controlled by their enrolments on the student record system. So, if a student does not have access to one of their taught modules it means that their enrolment has not completed. Please get in touch with the student records team who will be able to look into it.

How do I view participants in a module or course?

In Learning Space, the Participants page can be accessed from the main navigation panel by clicking on the 'Participants' link.The Participants page enables staff to easily view and search for participants, see Roles or Groups they are associated with, as well as see when a participant last accessed the module or course and also their current status, such as active or suspended.

Participants list view in Learning Space

How do I use the filter feature on the Participants page?

With large cohorts, the advanced filtering feature can be very useful.

The options allow for filtering by:

  • Keyword – used to search for a specific term or terms
  • Status – indicates if a participant is active or suspended
  • Roles – indicates if a participant is a student, staff member, observer etc.
  • Subscription methods – this option is not relevant for academic staff but is used by the Digital Learning team
  • Inactive for more than – Reveals when a user was last active in that module or course

Filter options in the Participants page in Learning Space

When the desired filter is selected from the 'Select' field dropdown menu, you can adjust the match, by selecting from the default 'Any' to 'All' or 'None'. Clicking on 'Apply filters' will perform the search. The 'Clear filters' button removes filters, allowing you to change the search parameters. 

Advanced filters search entry field in Learning Space

More than one filter may be used in a search and they can be applied consecutively by clicking on the 'Add condition' link. The maximum number of filters that can be applied in a single search is five.

How to perform a filtered search

  1. To perform a filtered search, select the desired match from the dropdown menu ('Any', 'All' or 'None').
  2. Click on the relevant filter in the 'Select' dropdown menu. ('Keyword', 'Status', 'Roles', 'Inactive for more than').
  3. If performing a 'Keyword' search, click on 'Keyword' in the 'Select' dropdown menu. Enter the keyword in the 'Type' entry field. Click 'Apply filters' and the keyword will appear beside the 'Type' entry field. Then click on 'Apply filters' again to perform the search.Tick Mark iconTip: Multiple keywords can be used in a single search. Insert your first keyword, then click 'Apply filters' and then enter the next keyword and click 'apply filters'.
    Advanced filters search results in Learning Space
  4. To add another filter to the search e.g. roles, click on the 'Add condition' link, indicated by the '+' icon. Then adjust the ‘Any’ and ‘Select’ fields as desired.
  5. Click 'Apply filters' to perform the search or 'Clear filters' to remove them or if you would like to change the search parameter(s).
  6. If you did not clear the filters, the results from the search will appear in list form on the Participants page.

Further support

For further support on managing student subscriptions on Learning Space, or to report any issues with this guide, please get in touch with the team at dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk. Alternatively, please refer to the numerous help guides found on our Knowledge Base

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