This guidance will give you an overview of who is responsible for course areas on Learning Space and their required content.


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Who is responsible for course areas on Learning Space?

Course areas are areas specifically reserved for course level communication and materials. No content that is specifically meant for taught modules should be put into a course area.

Important: Course Co-ordinators/Heads of Subject are responsible for course areas on Learning Space, and should monitor the relevancy and currency of materials.

Required content

Within each course area we recommend that you include at least this list of content:

  • A noticeboard
  • Link to the school technical resource area (if required)
  • Link to the course handbook
  • A section for Staff-Student Liaison (SSLG minutes etc, External Examiner reports etc)
  • Personal Tutor section
  • Information about competitions, events and trips

You can see an example of a course area in Learning Space.

How do students access course areas?

Student subscriptions are linked to subscriptions on core modules within the course. This means that all students will be subscribed to the course area automatically. If this isn't the case please get in touch with the student records team who will be able to check the student's enrolments.

Releasing content or informing students based on their stage (year 1, 2, or 3)

This can be achieved using groups.

Groups are automatically created in course areas based on the core module that their subscription comes from - therefore groups exist based on the stage that the student is in.

This is updated every year based on the student module subscriptions.

Further support

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