This guide outline how you can access assessment feedback through the link where you submitted your work..


Where is Feedback Located?

Feedback for assignments is provided in the same place as you submitted on Learning Space, in the 'Assessment' section of the module area. 

When is Feedback available?

If your tutor has uploaded feedback for your submission, they should have notified you that it is available. If it is more than 4 working weeks after the submission date, you can contact then to ask when it will be available.

You can easily check if feedback is available by checking the status of your submission. If the status is "Released", then feedback is available.

Screenshot showing submission status of an assignment

Accessing Feedback (most assessments)

For most assignments, feedback is likely to be in the form of a Word document or a PDF. Go to where you submitted your work and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see something like the below. Don't just look at the grade! Open the attached file to find out how and why you were given that grade.

Screenshot showing feedback including a grade and a document to download

Accessing Feedback (some essays and dissertations)

Some subject areas, instead of uploading a document as feedback, use "TurnitIn Grade Mark". There are three different types of feedback here; overall comments, the rubric and in-line comments.

Where an essay has been put through Turnitin plagiarisn detection, shortly after submission, extra icons will appear underneath your submitted file, indicating an originality score (in the image below shown as 99% because the work was plagiarised).

To access feedback, click the pencil icon.

Screen shot showing the location of the pencil icon that leads to Tirnitin Grade Mark feedback

When Grade Mark opens, the first thing you see will be the plagiarism similarity report.

To make reading your feedback easier, you should temporarily disable the similarity report by clicking the red segment on the tool bar.

Red segment on the Turnitin Toolbar used for disabling the similarity report

Overall Comments

The overall comments can be accessed by clicking the white speech bubble icon with the blue background. This should open automatically in Turnitin studio.

Speech bubble icon in the Turnitin toolbar

This contains the overall feedback for the assignment and could include a voice comment as well a a text comment.

Instructor feedback screen

The Rubric

The rubric can be viewed by clicking 'View Rubric' button as shown in the instructor feedback screen. To access instructor feedback, click on the comments button in the toolbar which can be identified as the button with a white speech bubble on a blue background.  

A rubric compares aspects of your assignment against the module's learning outcomes. Highlighted in blue are at what level you performed against each learning outcome.

Exclamation mark iconNote: Not all Turnitin submissions use a rubric and this may not appear for you.

In-line Comments

In-line comments may appear throughout your assignment and can be identified by the speech bubble icon or by the "Citation Needed" icon which features white text on a blue background.

Comments icon in TurnitinCitation Needed icon in Turnitin

Clicking on either of these icons reveal more information from your tutor.

Citation Needed Message in Turnitin

How to download Feedback

Click the download icon which can be identified as a grey arrow pointing downwards with a line underneath it.

Turnitin toolbar showing download icon

Finally from the download options, click 'Current View' to start the download. 

Download options panel in Turnitin

Question mark iconFurther Support

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