Marking Workflow prevents students seeing feedback and marks until a staff user "releases" them. Using it means there is no need to hide the submission link itself.



How to turn it on

Exclamation mark iconAny summative assessments created by SPA will have Marking Workflow turned on already.

To check that it is turned on, you edit the Assignment's settings

Find the Grade section of the settings. You'll see Marking workflow is set to "Yes".

How to do your marking

Each student submission has a Marking Workflow state. Initially this is set to "Not Marked" for all students. There are 6 possible states. Only one of the states ("Released") means students can see their marks and feedback. You can use the other 5 states as you see fit, as they all mean the students can not see feedback and marks. 

As you mark each student's work, you may change this setting (for example, to "Marking completed") or you may leave them all as "Not marked". The choice is yours. However, do not set any to "Released" while marking is in progress.

Releasing the feedback all at once

When you have completed the marking, the submissions list should look like this:

You will see there is a mark in "Grade" but the "Final grade" column is empty. Now, to release the marks there are three steps.

Step A

Make sure all students are showing in the submissions list by checking two things:

1. Above the list of submissions: the First name and surname filters are set to All.

Screenshot showing no filters applied to first name or surname

2. Below the list of submissions: Assignments per page is set to All and no filters are applied

Screenshot showing options with assignments per page set to all and no filters applied

Step B

Select all - With selected: Set marking workflow state - Go.

Step C

Marking workflow state: Released - Notify users: Yes - Save changes


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