As Journal is accessed using your Falmouth IT Username and Password, editing access is revoked at the end of a staff or student's time at Falmouth University. This means that alumni will no longer have editing access to sites they created during their studies. Journal's are also archived after 3 years, so your work will not be hosted indefinitely.

For continued access to your site, there are two export options available.

One is to export your Journal site and import it into an external Wordpress site. If you wish to do this then please follow the steps in this guide. Please note you will have to have a new Wordpress site provider and website hosting service in place. A good free option is Wordpress.com

Note iconNote: While this process technically works and is the only solution we have to for exporting Journals, we recognise that the user experience is not good. Exported content can often lose its formatting based on the new theme/templates in the target Wordpress site, and images need to be individually re-linked once uploaded.

The second option is to export your Journal site and import it into an external Edublogs Pro site. This option involves paying an annual subscription and includes email support access. See the Exporting your Journal to a paid for Pro account guide.


How do I export my Journal to import it to a new WordPress site?

1. Go to 'Settings > Reading' and set the site to either allow or discourage search engines. If you are part of a class blog you will not have the permission to change the settings. If this is the case or you cannot find this option then please contact dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk and a member of the Digital Learning Team will help you export your site.

2. From your Falmouth University Journal dashboard click 'Tools', then 'Export'. Select 'All content' and click the blue 'Download Export File' button. You will be prompted to download a file onto your computer. Keep the file format as 'XML text'

2. Navigate to your new WordPress site to import the file. The process will differ depending on your Wordpress platform. There should be an option which allows you to import your 'XML file' in a 'Tools' menu. 

Some configuring might be needed as the theme used for your Journal may not match your new WordPress theme. You can Google search "what is my WordPress theme" to find 3rd party sites that will help to identify the theme in use.

In some instances the permissions of the Journal you are attempting to export will need to be changed to make it public, to allow the new WordPress site to import media. If this is the case contact Digital Learning.

If you require support in this process, get in contact with the Digital Learning Team at dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk

Question mark iconFurther Support

For general queries about Journal, students should first contact their module leader or personal tutor. For any other comments or issues within this guide, please contact the Digital Learning Team via dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk. Alternatively, please refer to the numerous help guides found on our Knowledge Base

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