The instructions below assume a rubric has been attached to your Turnitin assignment. If not, see Using Feedback Studio rubrics: creating and attaching a rubric.

Key message to staff

Once a rubric is attached to a Turnitin assignment, it is easy for staff to use. However, it is not easy for students to find! Staff must know that the student view of the rubric is very different from the staff view.

Note #1 Students will not see feedback given via the Turnitin rubric unless they are explicitly instructed how to view it.

Note #2 Turnitin rubrics are not viewable on a small screen (e.g. mobile phone).

Auto-generation of marks

A rubric can be used purely as feedback or as a way to generate a mark. We recommend the rubric is used for formative purposes and does not auto-generate or auto-suggest an overall mark for the assessment. Instead, enter the overall mark yourself.

If you followed our guidance on Using Turnitin rubrics: creating and attaching a rubric, the rubric will NOT create a mark automatically. 

Marking using the rubric step 1

Click on the rubric icon:

Marking using the rubric step 2

For each criterion/outcome there is a  slider. Use the slider. That's all there is to it.

Giving overall comments

You can also add overall comments or record oral feedback.

Adding in-line comments

A guide on Using Turnitin Feedback Studio covers this.

Getting your feedback to students

There are 2 elements to this:

  1. Using Assignment's Marking Workflow to set the status of the student submissions to "Released".
  2. Briefing students on how to access it

Setting the status of submissions to "released"

Read this guide on Using marking Workflow in Assignment.

Emailing students

When you set the status to released, you can choose to notify students by email. However, if they are not familiar with where to find their feedback, they might never see anything except the mark awarded.

You should email then to say feedback is waiting, and include 

  • the URL of the Turnitin submission link
  • instructions on how to see the extent of their feedback, particularly the rubric feedback

 Here is an image you can copy and paste in-line into your email:

Graphic showing how to see all your feedback in Turnitin

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