This guide explores restricting access to Learning Space content from or until a certain date and time. The steps below assume that editing has been enabled by clicking the 'Turn editing on' button at the top of the screen.


Video guide

Watch the video guide for an example of adding an access restriction to content. In this case it is a restriction based on the date and time, but a restriction can be set by student group, grade, user profile or a combination of these.

Completely hide content using the date and time

1. To completely hide content from students until a given date and time simply select the activity, file or section by clicking 'Edit ____' from the edit dropdown button on the right.

Screenshot shows Edit dropdown menu

2. Next scroll down and open the 'Restrict access' section, and then click 'Add restriction...'.

Screenshot shows the Restrict access option

3. Next select 'Date'.

Screenshot shows Add Restriction menu

4. You can now set restrictions by date and time, using a combination of the drop down menus 'must / must not' and 'from / until'. The eye icon can be used to create conditions for hiding the resource. 

  • If the eye icon is SHUT then students who do not meet that part of the condition will not see the activity at all.
  • If the eye icon is OPEN the students who do not meet that part of the condition will see the activity but it will be greyed out and have information about why they can't access it yet.

Tick Mark iconTip: The shut eye takes precedence. For example, you could have 2 conditions, one based on date (with eye shut) and one based on completing a previous activity (with eye open). That way, the activity will not appear at all until the date; then it will appear, but with information telling a student they need to complete the other activity first.

Annotated screenshot highlight the eye icon to toggle between show and hide activities

Note iconNote: Further restrictions may be added by clicking the 'Add restriction' button again. This is an advanced setting, and it is recommended you contact dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk for guidance and support with this feature if it is something you are interested in using.

Once your changes have been saved you will see a 'Restricted' message under the heading. If the eye was shut then not only will the resource be restricted but it will also be hidden, this will be indicated by text in brackets within the restriction message.

Screenshot shows restricted message underneath the section heading

Example of a restriction message for an activity completely hidden from students.

Note iconNote: If a resource is restricted the message a student sees will inform them of this, whereas if a resource is restricted and hidden a student will not see the resource at all. 

Tick Mark iconTip: In an item's settings you will find the Common activity settings that include the ability to hide an item from students. This setting takes priority over any other restriction set i.e. make sure this is set to "Show on page" if you want the item you are restricting to appear at some point in the future. 

Common activity settings for an item in Learning Space

Further Support

For further support on Learning Space, or to report any issues with this guide, please get in touch with the Digital Learning Team via dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk. Alternatively, please refer to the numerous help guides found on our Knowledge Base

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