This guide explores the Activity Completion feature in Learning Space and how it can be used to support online delivery.


Video Guide

This video explains Activity Completion and how to configure the settings for it.

What is Activity Completion?

Learning Space provides a feature called ‘Activity Completion’. The feature has been enabled for all 23/24 modules. Activity Completion allows staff to selectively release content based on student activity and allows staff to track learner engagement.

By default all activities have Activity Completion enabled, however this can be turned off if not required. Activities with Activity Completion enabled will appear with check boxes to the right of them.

Selectively Releasing Content

Selectively releasing content provides you with greater control over how students navigate your content. It effectively allows you to create rules such as:

Once a student downloads [LECTURE SLIDES] -> show students [QUIZ ON LECTURE CONTENT].

Setting this up is simple. In the outlined example, using the 'Restrict Access' settings for the quiz activity allows you to add a restriction that requires the lecture slides to be marked as complete. Note that the student will be able to see the quiz activity before then, but they won't be able to click on it.

Each activity/resource offers a few options to choose from in terms of what counts as an activity being completed. Some examples include:

  • Clicking on an activity
  • Contributing X number of responses to a Forum
  • Achieving a certain grade on a quiz
  • And even simply asking the students to tick the activity as being completed

You'll know activity completion has been set up correctly as it will read something along the lines of: 

"Not available unless: X activity is marked as complete".

Tracking Learner Engagement

Activity Completion provides you with an easy to read report that shows you how students are engaging with your content. The report is presented as a table with each row representing a different student and whether or not they have completed the activities on the page. This report can be useful for identifying students who may need extra support using the online environment. 

To access Activity completion:

Click the Reports link in the top menu

 Then click Activity completion:

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