This guide explains how to create and use the Group Choice activity.


What is Group Choice?

Group Choice, based on the standard Choice activity, allows students to enrol themselves in a Group of their choosing within a module. Staff have the ability to choose the Groups offered and the maximum number of students allowed in each group. The Group Choice activity can be identified by the green and orange avatar icon.

Group Choice Activity icon

Exclamation mark iconImportant: The Group Choice activity requires you to set up Groups. For details on creating Groups please refer to the Groups Guide.

Creating a Group Choice activity

Navigate to the module or course page that you want to add the Group Choice activity to and ensure that you have editing enabled by clicking the "Turn editing on" button at the top right of the screen.
Turn editing on button

Scroll down to the section of the page that you want to add the activity to and select 'Add an activity or resource' from the bottom right of that section.
Add an activity or resource button

From the pop-up window click on 'Group Choice'.


The settings panel will then appear for this activity. To configure Group Choice follow the recommendations outlined below.


Assign a name in the 'Group Choice name' field.

Add a description about the Group and ensure the ‘Display description on page’ checkbox is ticked so the description is visible to students when added to Learning Space.

Group Activity settings showing the various options to configure the Group Choice Activity

Exclamation mark iconImportant: By default staff are no longer shown, or available to select, within the Group Choice activity, for example to facilitate a group task. If you would like this feature made available please contact dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.
Miscellaneous settings 

If you’d like a student to join more than one group, ensure the ‘Allow enrollment to multiple groups’ tick box is checked.

Group Activity settings showing the Miscellaneous settings options

Publish results 

Publish results relates to whether the status of the Group is shown to students. There are four results options, with 'Always show results to students' being the default setting.
Depending on your intentions for the Group Choice, choose from the following:


  1. Do not publish results to students’ – This option ensures students won’t see any details or status about the group other than seeing when a group is ‘full’.
  2. Show results to students after they answer’ – This options ensures that once the student has an ‘active choice’, they will see the status of the group such as how many people are in the group and how many slots are left. If they remove their choice, they will no longer see the status of the groups.
  3. Show results only after the choice is closed’ – This option ensures that the status of the group will be shown along with student names, only after the closing date for the group choice has passed.
  4. Always show results to students’ – This default option ensures that the status of groups are always shown. Anonymity can be set next, if required, under the Privacy of results section.

Group Activity settings publish results configuration optionsPrivacy of results 

Privacy of results refers to what students are able to see in terms of the status of a group such as number of members as well as their names. 

There are two options to choose from: 


  1. Publish anonymous results, do not show student names’ – This option ensures that when group statuses are visible to students that student names remain hidden.
  2. Publish full results, showing names and their choices’ - This option ensures that when group statuses are visible to students, that student names are visible.

Allow choice to be updated 

If you would like students to have the ability to change their choice decision at a later date, for instance to leave the group they initially joined to join a different group instead, then select ‘Yes’ from the dropdown menu.


Show column for unanswered 

This is a useful administrative setting that enables staff to see a column with the names of students who have yet to join a Group. If desired, this can be enabled by selecting ‘Yes’ from the dropdown menu.

Limit the number of responses allowed 

This option enables you to limit the number of students who can join a Group. Once the limit is reached, no one else can select that Group Choice option.

If the limit is 'disabled' then any number of students can select their desired Group Choice option. A limit can be assigned by selecting 'Enable' then entering a number in the General limitation field, which is explained next.

 Limit the number of responses allowed settings in Group Choice

General limitation

To set the student limit for each group, ensure you select ‘Enable’ from the 'Limit the number of responses allowed’ dropdown and then insert the desired number into the ‘General limitation’ field and click the ‘Apply to all groups’ button. 


This section in the settings allows you define which Groups will be available for selection by students. For details on creating groups please refer to the Groups Guide.

To make a Group available, click on the group on the left hand panel and select the ‘Add’ button. The selected Group will then appear in the right hand panel and these are the Groups that will be visible to students.
Configuring Group settings in the Group Choice Activity

Restrict answering to this time period 

To limit the time period in which students can make their choice, tick the 'Restrict answering to this time period' box, and then make a date selection using the date selection tools.

Restrict access 

To time release this activity scroll to ‘Access restrictions’ and click on the ‘add restriction link’. Then, click ‘Date’. Select ‘from’ in the drop down menu then assign a date and time and click on the ‘add restriction’ link.

Selecting ‘From’ ensures the activity is available from a specified date. 

Selecting ‘Until’ ensures the activity is available until a specified date. 

Restrict Access options in the Group Choice Activity settings

Activity completion

If enabled, Activity Completion is tracked either automatically or manually by the student based on certain conditions. Multiple conditions may be set if desired, meaning the activity will only be considered complete when all conditions are met. 

There are three options with 'Students can manually mark the activity as completed' being the default. Select one of the following:

  1. Do not indicate activity completion.
  2. Students can manually mark the activity as completed.
  3. Show activity as complete when conditions are met.

Exclamation mark iconImportant: Please view the Activity Completion guide for further details.

Finally to save all the assigned settings you have selected for this activity click on ‘Save and return to module’. A Group Choice activity has been successfully created allowing students to enrol themselves in a Group within a module.

Exclamation mark iconImportant: Staff can add students to groups manually through the standard Group management within the module. Please note, it is not possible to add students through the Group Choice plugin itself.

Further Support

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