MURAL is an application that allows remote teams to think and collaborate visually on a digital canvas in real-time, using a web browser on a desktop computer. A variety of media can be added to a digital canvas including text, digital sticky notes and images, making MURAL suitable for a variety of applications.

Exclamation mark iconImportant: While staff can use MURAL on touchscreen mobile devices such as phones and tablets, students cannot. Student users on mobile devices will always be prompted to open the MURAL app, which they do not have access to. Please incorporate this into the learning design of any activities.


Using MURAL as a teaching tool

Falmouth University has an institutional MURAL account managed by Digital Learning. Each department has a workspace, within which it's possible for staff to have rooms created where they can host as many murals as needed. You will not automatically be added to your department's workspace.

Example of a MURAL canvas.

If you are interested in using MURAL in one of your teaching sessions and know how you want to use it, please follow these steps:

1. Fill out an Approved L&T Application form for review by the Digital Learning Team. The form will speed up the approval process of creating a room for your module, and ensure MURAL is the right learning and teaching tool for your requirements. 

2. If necessary a Learning Designer can meet with you to discuss your requirements and guide you through best practice, to keep in mind when using MURAL.

3. Once approved as a member of your department's workspace we recommend watching some tutorials MURAL have created.

4. Digital Learning will then add you as a member of your departmental workspace so that you can use your university email and university password to login at https://app.mural.co/. On login, you will automatically be in your department's workspace.


Exclamation mark iconImportant: Tutors must fill out the Approved L&T Application form to request a room for their module, and email dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk to request access to a department's workspace. This is to ensure that you understand the different user roles, permissions and how the application works.

Inviting staff and students to a mural

Once a member of staff has been added to a department's workspace they can see all of the rooms and murals created within that workspace. All staff members share the same permissions and access within their department's workspace. 

Exclamation mark iconImportant: Students or outside lecturers must be invited to a mural using an anonymous visitor link. 

If you want to create a link for staff members or students then please follow these steps:

1. Click the "SHARE" button in the top right-hand corner of your mural screen. 

MURAL Share button.

2. A white popup box appears. Click on the second tab entitled "VISITOR LINK". There are two important settings in the "Link permissions" section that you can set based on whether you want the visitors and other academic members to be able to edit the mural or just view it. 

Note: You can add a password to a link, and revoke/change these settings, updates to the mural are automatic. 

Creating a "Share" link for a mural.

3. The drop-down tab next to the words "Members of [insert mural name]" sets whether or not the staff who are already members of your departmental workspace will be able to edit or just view the mural. 

4. The drop-down tab next to the words "Anyone with link, no sign-up required" sets whether or not your invited students will be able to edit or just view the mural. 

5. Click the button entitled "COPY LINK" and share this with your visiting students or guests.

Exclamation mark iconImportant: Links are essentially anonymous visitor links, that anyone outside the organisation could use to access your mural, so make sure that no private information is shared within a mural canvas you link to.  

6. We recommend you share the link with students in the context of the task or activity they are using MURAL for.  For example, if you've provided instructions for the MURAL activity in Learning Space, we'd recommend you publish the link there.  You can paste this link anywhere, however, so you can also share it elsewhere as necessary, e.g., in Teams.

7. When your students click on the visitor link they will be taken to the mural via a welcome screen. They have the option to enter a name or accept the automatically created name. 

Login for a mural.

MURAL facilitator features 

MURAL has features to help you facilitate your sessions. The video below gives a quick overview of these. To jump to a certain feature use the marked chapters on the video progress bar, which are clearly labelled as you hover over them.

Changing MURAL notification settings

You can manage the email notifications you receive form MURAL. This is worth checking early on as the defaults can result in you receiving multiple notifications from a mural.  Within MURAL click on your profile in the lower left and click "Notifications". This MURAL guide has further information on setting your notifications.

What notifications you opt for will depend on how you intend to use MURAL, but it is recommended that "Someone comments on a mural", under "CONVERSATIONS", is unselected.

The setting options for MURAL notifications.

Question mark iconFurther support 

For further support on Learning Space, or to report any issues with this guide, please get in touch with the Digital Learning Team via dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk. Alternatively, please refer to the numerous help guides found on our Knowledge Base

View the Accessibility Statement for all of our support guides.