This guide gives specific guidance on using Journal on mobile devices. It covers how to login to your Journal and locate the correct site, how to upload images, videos and edit posts. It also covers how to create a desktop link on your mobile directly to your journal. 


Logging into Journal, adding and editing posts

Journal can be used on the mobile effectively for a lot of simple functions like adding a post with photos or embedding videos in your journal. We do not recommend that you perform more complex tasks like editing pages or editing photos on your mobile due to the screen size and limited functionality. See our guide 'Journal short course for Students' for using Journal on a desktop. The following video gives an overview of how to login to your Journal site and add and edit a post with media like images and external URL videos.  

Logging in to Journal using your mobile

Open up your browser of choice and go to http://journal.falmouth.ac.uk. Tap 'Log In' in the top left hand corner of the phone. Then press use University ID - you will then be prompted to enter your email and password.


Go to the correct journal site

Once you are logged in you will see three little houses in the top left hand corner of your screen. Tap on this icon and all the sites you are part of will appear in a dropdown menu. You can then tap on the correct site and another drop down menu will appear. Choose the option which says 'Visit Site'. 

Adding a new post

Once on the correct Journal site tap on the '+' icon at the top of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear. Tap 'Post'.

Adding a block to your post

All media is added to your post by adding different 'blocks'. To add a block to your new post either tap on the black '+' icon or the red '+' icon. The red icon is easier to locate as it always stays in the same location.

Adding an image to your post 

To add an image to your post first add a new block and locate the 'Image' block. Tap on this and you will get 3 options. The best option here is to Upload an image directly from your phone. After tapping 'Upload' another menu will appear which will ask you to either 'Take Photo' or browse for photos in your phone. 

Adding a video to your post

To add a video to your post first add a new block and locate the 'Video' block. Tap on this and you will get 3 options. The best option here is to 'Insert from URL'. You can then copy and paste the correct URL from whichever video site you are using to host your video content. 

Creating a direct desktop link to your Journal on your phone

If you’re using Journal on any of your modules, you can save yourself loads of time by creating a desktop link directly to your individual or collaborative class journal on your phone. This has a lot of potential benefits, for example you can easily upload photos directly from your phone with a couple of clicks, or you can edit and access your Journal when you’re not near a computer. You might find it useful to create a similar link on the desktop of your computer.

iPhone video guidance:

Android video guidance

An arrow points at a desktop item on a mobile phone

Android or iPhone?

This guidance works for both Android devices and iPhones, but we have created two videos as we use different internet browsers on each. In our guidance, the Android video uses Chrome to create a desktop link, and on iPhones we use Safari.

Note: If you use a different internet browser on an Android device, you will probably be able to follow these steps and fill in the gaps. However on an iPhone, Safari is the only browser with permissions to create desktop links.

Navigate to your Journal on your phone 


1. Go to http://journal.falmouth.ac.uk


2. From here, click 'Log In' in the top left corner of the screen.

An arrow points at the login button


3. Login with your normal username and password. Not your email address.


4. Click ‘remember me’ so you don’t have to sign in every time.


5. Now you’re logged in you can view all the Journals you have access to by clicking the 3 houses icon in the top left.

an arrow points at the 3 houses button


6. Select the Journal you want to create a link to. If it’s an individual journal, it will probably have your name and the module code. If you have multiple Journals this term, there's nothing stopping you from creating a direct link to each Journal.


7. If you get an additional drop down menu, click ‘visit site’ to go directly to the site.

List of available journals on a mobile phone


Create a desktop link to the URL

8. Now you’ve found your Journal;

- in Safari click the share button from the bottom bar, and select ‘add to home screen’.

- in Chrome click the three dots in the top right corner, and select ‘Add to Home screen’ from the drop down menu.

Arrows indicate the difference between iPhone and Android


9. Call the link whatever will be most helpful to you. We recommend the module code and Journal, eg 'FMK230 Journal'.


10. When you click 'Add', the link will be created on the desktop of your phone. When you click it, you’ll go directly to your Journal, and you should already be logged in.


Question mark iconFurther support 

For further support on Journal, or to report any issues with this guide, please get in touch with the Digital Learning Team via dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk. Alternatively, please refer to the numerous help guides found on our Knowledge Base

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