This guide will show you how to export and print any section of your Journal with text and images. It is possible to either save this exported PDF file or print directly from your web browser. You can also print or export your entire blog pages or posts out as one large document. This guide has both a video and a written explanation.



Exporting or Printing your Journal

The process for exporting and printing any section on your Journal site starts by installing the 'Print My Blog' plugin. Go to your 'Dashboard' and click on the menu tab entitled 'Plugins'. This will open up a selection of plugins in alphabetical order. Scroll down to the 'Print My Blog' plugin and click 'Activate'. The plugin will activate itself within seconds. You can now return to the main front end of your site.

Now the plugin is activated you will see that there are three new boxes at the top of every page which say 'Print', 'PDF' and 'eBook'. To print or export a PDF go to the desired page and click on the 'Print' button. To print individual 'Posts' you have to click on the post first and then click the 'Print' button. Once you have clicked the 'Print' button a new page will load with a preview of your printed page. Click 'Print' again and then a new box will appear with options to either print your page/post or export it as a PDF.

You can also print or export your entire site out as one large PDF document. To do this go to your 'Dashboard' and scroll down on the left hand side. Hover over the area entitled 'Print My Blog' and click 'Print Now'. This will open up a new page. Click on the little downward arrow next to the words 'Show Options'. This will open up some options. Choose whether or not you want to print all of the posts or pages. Select the 'Format' as a 'Digital PDF' and then click 'Prepare Print-Page'. You can then preview the PDF and print or save your document from here.

If you want to deactivate this plugin after using it go to the 'Dashboard' and click on the 'Plugins' menu. Click the 'Active' plugins tab and click 'Deactivate' on the 'Print My Blog' plugin. This has now been deactivated. 

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