Designed to facilitate collaborative peer to peer feedback activities in both online and in-person sessions, our peer review template is designed in a simple pin-board style.

How it works

The template is fully editable and consists of ‘review zones’ each containing a space for a student to share their work and a space for another student (or students) to leave feedback.  

Students are asked to add content directly onto the canvas (including links to documents or media that might be hosted elsewhere) and to leave written feedback for a peer, or peers.

Making use of the ‘Outline’ function, students and staff alike can quickly and easily navigate between review zones, making this template suitable for both synchronous and asynchronous peer review activities.

There's also a Reflection activity that you may wish to use to help students consolidate their learning.

Accessing the template

While our template can be accessed via the MURAL website, we've put a copy in each workspace in MURAL.

Step by step instructions for how to access and use the template can be found in the video below:

Editing the template

We've also made a step by step tutorial covering everything you need to know to edit any MURAL template.

This video covers:

  • Unlocking and locking elements
  • The difference between 'content' and an 'Area'
  • Undoing mistakes
  • Moving elements
  • Resizing the mural canvas

Before you start...

This template was made to satisfy a specific brief and while it can (and has) been edited to suit a range of peer review activities, it's important to evaluate whether it's more time effective for you to edit an existing template or make your own bespoke mural from scratch.

Remember, effective murals don't have to be colourful or complex.  In fact, the simpler the better, especially when using MURAL with students who are new to the tool.  So while we welcome your use of our template, we encourage you to continue to use MURAL in the most effective way for you and your students.


If you have 'how to' questions about MURAL, please use the MURAL Help Centre.  MURAL's own help guides are clear and succinct and can be relied upon to answer your 'how to' query.

If you encounter any issues that the MURAL Help Centre cannot resolve, please email the Digital Learning team on dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.