If you need to submit video or audio files for assessment, you will probably be asked to use Panopto.

There are various advantages of using Panopto over hosting your work as unlisted videos on Youtube or other platforms, or by sharing it from your OneDrive. Most importantly university staff will always be able to get access to your work which reduces the possibility of failing an assessment due to incorrectly set permissions.

If you are studying online, specific guidance for submitting video and audio content should be available through the Falmouth Learn platform. While the process is similar, this guidance discusses submitting to Learning Space which is the VLE used by on campus students.



This video demonstrates the generic process for submitting video or audio for assessment. Make sure to read any module-specific guidance on the Learning Space in case there are specific differences.

Student process 

  • Student creates or uploads video/audio to their Panopto My Folder
  • Student sets sharing permissions to 'Your Organization (unlisted)'. For guidance see How to share a video on the Panopto Solutions
  • Copy the link to your video into a word document. For guidance see How to share a video on the Panopto Solutions 
  • Submit word document through the relevant Learning Space assessment activity

Creating videos using Panopto Capture

Panopto Capture is a web-based capture app which allows you to record video, audio and your screen. You can locate it by clicking '+ Create' in the top left corner of the Panopto Homepage.

If you are recording a presentation, or a demonstration of your work on a computer, you might use Panopto Capture to create this video. For guidance see How to create a video using Panopto Capture on the Panopto Solutions.

Further support

For further support on Learning Space, or to report any issues with this guide, please get in touch with the Digital Learning Team via dlsupport@falmouth.ac.uk. Alternatively, please refer to the numerous help guides found on our Knowledge Base

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