This guide covers how to use the Assignment activity to upload your assignment. There are two types of assignment upload with Learning Space; Assignment and Turnitin, for more information on Turnitin assignments please see the guide titled: Turnitin Submissions. 

If you need help locating your assignment submission point please contact your module leader. 


What is an assignment upload link?

Several types of assignment uploads are supported through Learning Space. A Learning Space assignment is an electronic submission method that is used for individuals to submit digital copies of their work. Assignment Upload areas on Learning Space can be identified by the paper in hand icon, with the name of the assignment on the right. 

File requirements / limitations

It is recommended that any file uploads exceeding 20mb are uploaded on campus, due to faster network speeds.

Submitting an assignment

To upload your assignment click on the link to the right of the assignment icon.


You will then be presented with the Submission status window

At the top of the page there will be some descriptive text relating to the assignment (file name, format etc). The Submission status area shows whether you have already submitted or not, the Due Date and the Time Remaining until the submission closes.

 The next step is to choose the document you wish to submit, to do this click on the Add submission button.

This will present you with a file picker tool. From here you can drag and drop your file into the file picker to upload your document. You can also add a file by selecting the Add option.

You will see a progress bar appear and then the file appear in the file picker window.

Once you are happy with your selection click Save Changes. (If at anytime you wish to go back without adding your document click Cancel). 

The assignment feedback and grades will be also be shown via this screen upon being graded by module staff.

Editing an assignment

To edit your assignment first click on the right hand side of the assignment icon to access the assignment activity. You should then be presented with a screen similar to the following.

To edit your submission select "Edit Submission". By clicking on your uploaded files from the next screen you will open a pop up window as shown below.

From here you can download or delete your file and update your changes by clicking "Update". You can then upload more files by following the instructions from the "Submitting an assignment" section in this guide.

Video guide

Further Support

For assignment specific questions your first point of call should be your module leader - for any technical issues please contact the Educational Technology team etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.

Please report any issues with this guide to etsupport@falmouth.ac.uk.