This guide explains how to create and use the wiki activity.


What is the Wiki activity?

Wikis are predominantly used for collaborative work. Users can collectively create and modify an online web document together from inside Learning Space. A wiki can be identified by the interwoven square icon.

Creating the Wiki activity

Navigate to the module / course page that you want to add the Wiki activity to and ensure that you have editing enabled by clicking the "Turn editing on" button.

"Turn editing on" button in Learning Space.

Scroll down to the section on the page that you want to add the activity to and select 'Add an activity or resource' from the bottom right of that section.

"Add an activity or resource" link in Learning Space

From the pop-up window click on 'Wiki'.

List of activities and resources in Learning Space.

Next you will need to provide a name for the Wiki activity and a description, the latter could be used for explaining what material should or shouldn't be contributed to the wiki. Finally select 'Save and display'.

Giving the Wiki a name and a description.

Below the description are two important settings "Wiki mode" and "First page name". The former dictates whether only one or multiple people can edit a wiki, explained in greater detail below, whilst the latter sets the name of the first page in the wiki, we recommend calling this page "Home" or repeating the Wiki title.

Exclamation mark icon Important: Once the Wiki mode and the "First page name" have been set, they cannot be changed, there is no way to edit these once the Wiki is created. Make sure you are happy with both before opening up the Wiki to students or adding your own content.

Selecting the Wiki mode and naming the home page.

Creating the Wiki activity

Collaboration wiki - is where students work together on a single wiki, the wiki can be freeform, built as you go along, or you can create a structure that the students work within. It's also possible to create collaborative groups in this mode. 

Individual wiki - is where each student, and by default every member of a module, gets their own wiki. From the Wiki home page the "View", shows a dropdown menu that allows you to navigate the student wikis.

Adding a new page

To add a new page to a wiki, first select and edit the page where you want to add a link. Then simply write the name of the page you want to create and then add double square brackets around it as seen in the example below and click "Save".

Creating a link in a page.

You will notice that the link is currently red and in italics. To generate the new page, click on the red text and click "Create page" from the following window.

Creating a new linked page.

Finally, add any text to your new page and click "Save". 

A new Wiki page.

Creating a template

Without any formatting, Wiki pages can appear uninteresting. Although Learning Space doesn't currently offer any templates for Wikis, if you have some basic knowledge about HTML and CSS, you can format the pages to look more appealing.

To edit the HTML/CSS simply select the edit tab from the navigation menu and then click the first icon in the text editor i.e the pointing down arrow. Then, select the pointy brackets icon to view the page's HTML.

A Wiki template page.

This provides you with a blank canvas to edit the page to look how you see fit. For example you could decide to make the page black and add white and red text.

An example of a template page.

Hyperlink iconThe student experience:

Please refer to the student student guide for information about how students use the wiki activity.

Question mark iconFurther Support

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