These FAQs are here to guide students through using Journal. If your question isn’t covered, please contact your tutor or email   


I can’t access/can't post to my Journal   

Common reasons students struggle to access/post to their Journals include:


1. Trying to sign in with an email address instead of a username. 

The login page says you can sign in with either, but this is incorrect. You need to sign in with your normal IT Username and password.

2. Trying to post on the 'Class site' rather than your individual Journal. 

This is a common mistake because the class site usually looks identical to students' individual sites. Check that the URL contains your name. If not, you might be on the wrong site.

Hover over 'My Sites' in the top bar, and look for the difference between a class site and your individual site.

3. Not realising that you’re logged in. 

Check in the top right hand corner of the screen, if it says “Howdy, YourName” then you’re logged in correctly.

The login button remains even when you're logged in.

Journal login page with arrows indicating positions of features       

I can’t see my new post   

This is usually a case of creating the post in the wrong place, or creating the wrong kind of content. Some Journals work with Posts, some with Pages, and some with Projects, so it’s easy to make a mistake.

Navigate to the ‘Using this Site’ page and make sure that you know how you’re expected to use your Journal. These videos are customised to your site so should provide the guidance you need. If this doesn’t help, contact your Tutor explaining what has happened and ask for advice.

You may be directed to contact the Digital Learning Team on

Tip: How to find a post that isn't being displayed.

1. Navigate to the Dashboard by hovering over the site name in the top left corner of the screen and selecting 'Dashboard'.

Zoomed in on the Journal top menu selecting Dashboard

2. Hover over 'Posts' in the left hand menu in the Dashboard and select 'All Posts'.

The Journal dashboard, displaying how to navigate to Posts

3. Your posts will be displayed here. You can easily view or edit them from this menu.

The All Posts section of the Dashboard

My friend/family can’t access my Journal 

Journal is a University system, and access is generally password protected to University staff and students. Your tutor will have determined the level of access for your Journal, and it is unlikely that you will have admin access to change these permissions. If you have work that you particularly want to share with your family or friends you can create a new Journal and copy that information across.

The following articles will guide you through that process: 

How to create a new Journal 

Exporting your Journal 

You can also get in touch with for some more guidance. 

Where can I learn how to use Journal? 

We’ve created a lot of guidance on how to use Journal in the Journal Short Course for Students guide. The specific videos that are relevant to your Journal are also linked from the ‘Using this Site’ page on most Journals. 

Alternatively, you can book onto a Wordpress course with the Software Training team

If you can’t see an available course, send them an email to find out when they next have availability.

I don’t have a Journal for my module (and everyone else does)

If you’ve transferred onto a module or enrolled late for a course that uses Journal, you or an academic on your course will need to ask us to create a Journal for you. 

Use the Student missing a Journal Form to provide us with the information we need to create the Journal for you. 

I’m getting a 'This page isn't working' message when I try to visit sites   

This error message has been a common issue in the past, and we would like to know if you are regularly seeing it within Journal. Please contact us at if you receive this message.

Error screen stating 'This page isn't working'

Tip: Have a look at the URL. It should appear in the format the URL has a lot of additional text, try deleting this and leaving just the module code, student name, and year of study.

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