This article outlines each of the activities available to use on Learning Space as well as the benefits of integrating them within the teaching experience.


What are activities?

Activities are interactive tools built into Learning Space that can be used to increase student engagement. Whilst the Learning Space is predominantly used as a location for storing files such as lecture notes and workshop handouts, activities allow the Learning Space to be used in a more powerful way by handling electronic submissions, facilitating discussions and online collaboration.

The full list of activities

Each of the activities available on Learning Space is listed below along with links to the article for each which has more information about the specific activity.

The Assignment activity is used for electronic submission of work through Learning Space.

The Attendance activity allows teachers to maintain a record of attendance, replacing or supplementing a paper-based attendance register.

The Chat activity module allows participants to have a real-time synchronous discussion in a Learning Space module.

The Choice activity icon features a grey question mark within a circle. Choice is used within Learning Space to display a variety of suggestions which users are then able to select.

The Database activity module allows the teacher and/or students to build, display and search a bank of record entries about any conceivable topic. The format and structure of these entries can be almost unlimited, including images, files, URLs, numbers and text amongst other things.

Forums are used within Learning Space to facilitate discussions amongst cohorts.

Glossaries are used within modules and allows individuals to create, maintain and view a list of definitions.

The Questionnaire activity is a survey-like type of activity. It allows teachers to create a wide range of questions to get student feedback e.g. on a course or activities.

Online Quizzes can be used within Learning Space as a tool to monitor and test students understanding of a topic or subject area.

The Scheduler booking activity allows users to select time slots presented to them. This activity is most commonly used on Learning Space to assist with one-to-one tutorial discussions.

Turnitin is another activity used for electronic submission of work through Learning Space.

Wikis are predominantly used for collaborative work. Users can collectively create and modify an online web document together from inside Learning Space.

A Workshop is a powerful peer assessment activity. 

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